Catching Up - Encontros da imagem

Since it’s already February, I will stop pretending that it’s still the start of the New Year and will refrain from using the word ‘belated’ every time I bump into an old colleague or friend.

My new year’s resolution is to be more sociable, even if it involves never leaving my sofa to do so. First stop should naturally start with social media, including the updating of this blog. I’m a bit behind, but there were some really memorable events from 2018 that I need to give a shout to - the memories of which are making this currently cold spell feel a bit warmer.

Last September brought me to Braga, in Portugal. Braga is a small, under discovered picturesque city in Northern Portugal. I travelled there to attend the Encontros Da Imagem photo festival.

Encontros Da Imagem is a wonderfully eclectic festival with a small, formidable team behind it. I was invited to be a jury member and portfolio reviewer for their 2018 edition and spent many a day getting to know my fellow jurors, meeting artists and viewing some stimulating work. It’s always a pleasure to prise myself away from my desk and have conversations with people that I would ordinarily never meet in London. The compact size of the festival meant that getting to see all the shows was easy. When it came down to the judging, of course we each had our own subjective opinions about each work (coming from such diverse backgrounds), but this made the judging process all the more interesting !

IMG-5951 (1).JPG

Visiting the many exhibitions, and some of the lovely international curators that I met along the way…

Jpeg 2048px O34A7611.jpg